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ICM Diploma in Hospitality Management Print E-mail



The Diploma in Hospitality Management caters to the need of students that plan to do a Bachelor's/Diploma in Hospitality Management. Students that undergo this program are those that have completed their 12th class in any discipline be it commerce, arts, science engineering or any other and intend to pursue their Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management be it Diploma, BBA, BA or BSc. in a field related to Hospitality Management. The program consists of ten main courses that prepare the student for a Degree in Hospitality Management.

The subjects are selected in a manner that they create a foundation for students from all fields whether or not they have any Hospitality or Management background in the previous educational background. This program acts as a foundation course by covering the essential courses in Hospitality Management and prepares these students to take a step forward to get access onto the Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management. It not only builds the basic requirements that are warranted from a Hospitality Management student but also prepares the student to take on the challenge of an International education and work environment.


Program is conducted by Namtech Business School & moderated, certified and awarded by Institute of Commercial management (ICM), UK


Evaluation is done on the basis of subjectwise assignments and/or projects and case study examination. All the students are given ICM membership upon completing the diploma successfully. All the formalities have to be completed within 9 months of registration.


  • Marketing Management
  • Business Organization and Management
  • Financial Management
  • Management of Organizational Behavior
  • Personnel Management
  • Computer Applications in Business
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • International Tourism Operations Management
  • Hospitality Operations and Front Office Management
  • Convention Sales and Management
  • Case Study 1 - General Management Area
  • Case Study 2 - Hospitality Management Area

Entry Criteria

12th Class (10+2) in any discipline. Those who have experience in Hospitality sector may be exempted from the minimum criteria subjected to the academic commitee decisons.