Hospitality Education is a Global Hospitality Education network portal which provides information and assistance for those who study and work in Swiss hotel management, culinary management, Tourism Management, Aviation Hospitality, F&B Management and related areas in the industry. These programs are available in Switzerland, UK, USA, Cyprus, Ireland and Singapore.Read more..

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Visit our webportal which is a global transportation portal, covering courses on all modes of transport and the related management services, such as shipping management, shipbroking, supply chain management, logistics & warehousing and out-sourcing. Read More..


Study and Work Abroad, is a global education network portal, fulfilling the needs of students aspiring to study abroad and providing them with an unmatched service. We find solutions for students and parents from all academic and economic backgrounds for their higher and further education goals and thereby putting them on the path to success. Although the internet has opened up new vistas for many Businesses including education establishments; in a matter that is as vital as an individual’s future needs are more complex and generalization in most cases does not help.

The information overload on the internet has created more confusion and complicity and at times results in students ticking the wrong options based on their career objectives. Each individual is unique and personal attention to each student is key, since they come from different backgrounds with individual goals and necessities and a trained expert with knowledge of matching their aspirations with reality is a significant link in the chain.

 This is where Namtech’s experience comes into play as professional consultants at each of our offices assess the student’s qualifications, guide them and suggest the course and University best suited to their primary career objective. We cover all areas of study such as Business Administration, Management, Information Technology, Engineering, Hospitality Management, Shipping & Transport Management, Maritime Engineering, Art & Design Education in UK, USA, Switzerland, Ireland, Cyprus, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Singapore and several other favourite destinations of students from all over the world .



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Design Internships

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Art Placements (UK)
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Fashion Internships (USA)
Animation Internships/Co-op (Canada)
Art Internships (Canada)
Design Internships (Canada)
Media Arts Internships (Canada)

Working in the industry is an important component of many of the art and design programs and it is an opportunity for students to apply practically what they have learned in the classroom for a successful career in the art, design, Animation and Fashion industry.